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Larger and firmer breasts

How Perfect Woman Breast Enlargement Cream Work

Breast enlargement During puberty, estrogens unique to breast tissue development are produced naturally by a woman's body. Ultimately, the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts are completely dependent upon the duration of puberty and the overall amount of the unique breast tissue hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Commonly women experience a shortened period of pubescence and/or a reduced production of these and other hormones critical to breast development. The result is underdeveloped, misshapen, and/or sagging breasts... conditions that are sadly experienced by a majority of today's women.

As a woman ages, her body naturally tapers of the production of these hormones. However, when pregnant, a woman's body again begins producing the hormones synonymous with breast development, specifically to enable the retention of milk and other fluids. However, this cell growth is only temporary. Perfect Woman safely stimulates mammarial tissue growth, without promoting milk production. Because Perfect Woman is simply encouraging the body's natural growth process, the product is safe and the results are real!

Perfect Woman in essence stimulates and replicates the natural growth process experienced during both puberty and pregnancy.

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