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Have larger breasts naturally Perfect Woman is a soothing, all-natural topical cream designed to give you larger, firmer breasts by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands. Manufactured in the USA by an FDA regulated laboratory, this safe and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery can provide measurable results within weeks, has no adverse side-effects, and actually helps regulate female hormones and reduces the symptoms of PMS.

Furthermore, Perfect Woman does NOT contain L-Tyrosine. This naturally occurring amino acid is a main ingredient in many competing breast enhancement products. Because L-Tyrosine should NEVER be used if you are taking any MAO inhibitors or other drugs prescribed for depression, cancer treatment, infections, and blood pressure control, many women are unable to use these competing breast enhancement products safely. Perfect Woman is free of L-Tyrosine, and therefore may be used with complete confidence by anyone, without risk to your health.

  Reasons Why the Perfect Woman Cream Is More Effective

  • The transdermal delivery system in Perfect Woman is more effective than any other non-surgical breast enlargement product on the market

  • The active ingredients go direct to the desired enlargement area via our scientifically advanced transdermal delivery system... thus delivering more effectiveness... faster

  • The active ingredients retain optimal efficacy and potency by not being exposed to the volatility of the digestive system

  • Higher grade and more fresh ingredients can be used for processing transdermal delivery creams versus pills.

  • There is not indigestion or other adverse side effects that can be realized as a result of by-passing the sensitivity of the digestive system.

  Reasons Why Pills and Capsules are Not as Effective

  • Effectiveness is diluted while going through the volatility of the digestive system

  • The active ingredients lose potency while drying and being prepared for encapsulation

  • The active ingredients are often of low grade, thus delivering less performance

  • Must be digested and travel throughout the body before reaching desired area of enlargement

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